"Better Than A Bully: Carrot Top's Surprise"

Tara is a popular fourth-grade student. Through her voice, we learn that Carrot Top (Annie) is not popular at all. She is often bullied by her fellow classmates, especially Aaron, known as Ace. Carrot Top has a unique way of handling being bullied.

There will be several surprises and even a mystery. At the conclusion, the reader will understand why Carrot Top has more to concern herself with than an annoying bully. Tara will go through several transformations that demonstrate challenges bystanders contend with socially. Justin, Aaron, and Lexi find out why it is best to be "Better Than A Bully."

Better Than A Bully: Carrot Top's Surprise is for ages 7-11. The author brings to light the roles of the bully, the bullied, and the bystanders. Using humor, intrigue, and drama, Tina weaves a story that continuously engages readers and those listening to it.

Parents, teachers, and social workers can use the questions provided for each chapter to stimulate discussions on this prevalent topic.