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 Tina Levine, Author


CARROT TOP'S SURPRISE: Meet Annie (aka Carrot Top), a girl socially and verbally bullied at school. What makes her so resilient? See how she deals with bullies and bystanders. Can she turn a bullying situation around? Watch as bystanders learn compassion and tolerance through one brave narrator, Tara. Feel the anxiety a bystander can experience even though they were not bullied. See if you can figure out what causes someone to become a bully.

Recommended ages 8 to 12

J. J.'S FRIENDSHIPS & SECRETS: What would you do if you were verbally and physically bullied? Keep it a secret? How would you respond if a bully was harassing your friend physically right in front of you? Tell someone?


This fiction drama is about Justin (aka J.J.), a multi-talented boy with low self-confidence in a multicultural school environment. Although J.J. is physically and verbally bullied by an upper-grade student at school, he is adored by his friends— Ace, Annie, Tara, and Lexi. This story, tragic and entertaining, will take a few twists and turns, with secrets eventually revealed.

Recommended ages 8 to 12


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