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"Better Than A Bully: Carrot Top's Surprise"



Meet Annie (aka Carrot Top), who is bullied at school, in real-time, as we see her dealing with a bully and bystanders. What is it about this girl that makes her so resilient?

Readers will find themselves laughing, tearing up, and perplexed by a mystery in heartwarming chapter book about a student bullied.

Throughout this tightly woven story, one learns about Carrot Top's unique ability to overcome life's traumas. Don't miss the turnaround day where transformations begin to ensue for each of the relatable characters. Whom do you think are the heroes at the end of this book?Reviewers on Amazon have found there are messages for all ages in "Better Than A Bully: Carrot Top's Surprise." They are amazed by illustrations that bring the characters to life!

Parents and professionals reading with children can use provided questions for each chapter as a springboard for discussions on this prevalent topic, as well as, a list of resources offered at the end of the book

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"THE PAUSE: Finding Peaceful Resolve in Chaos"

by Tina Levine👇

Each day as I awake, the first question that comes to mind is, how much longer can I sustain this pause? This physical separation from my three boys, their wives, and my grandchildren needs to end!

My mind races with all the unfortunate coronavirus statistics reported on the news causing this pause. It could be a year or so before I can feel comfortable and safe to commune with loved ones and friends. My stomach rumbles, my head feels like it is in a vise, and my body numbs with angst. I push myself out of bed. This endless loop is making me feel sick even though, thankfully, I am not.

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